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Metal Works

Various experimental works on metal 

Slowdive, 1984, etched zinc micrometal plate with spray paint

Somethings Don't Quite Fit, 1984, etched zinc micrometal plate with Charbonnel ink and offset photoetched images

Overload, 1995, 8' x 8' spray paint on aluminum, with Amiga 3000 computer mounted with active screen saver.

Exhibited at the 1995 edition of Durham Art Fest, Oshawa

This piece addressed the dehumanizing potential of our obsession with the personal computer. It predicted the feeling of 'overload' that most of us would be experiencing while attempting to navigate the oncoming information age. 

Self-portrait with Hagstrom and Bird, 2005,

Digital print on aluminum 

Propulsion 1, 2006, digital print on aluminum, acrylic paint 

Image from Brussels World Fair 1958 taken from a Kodachrome slide from family archive.

Propulsion 2, 2006, digital print on aluminum, acrylic paint

Thrift Shop, 2007, digital print on aluminum, 

Insomnia, 2008, Digital print on aluminum

Exhibited at the Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Nuit Blanche 

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