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Oshawa Space Invaders Wall Installation
Genosha Hotel, 2013

A piece that revisits a strange moment in Oshawa's downtown history that explores history, myth and the present where conspiracy theories twist truth and have us question what to believe.

Space Invader 1918?, Digital printing on aluminum, 12' x 7.5'

The Plane Crash at the Four Corners, April 1918 was the most photographed incident in Oshawa's history up until that moment in time.

For more information about it and other plane crashes in Oshawa in that period read "A Terrible Fright": A Short History of Early Aviation in Oshawa, Ontario on the Niche Canada website.

Mary Street frontage during Oshawa Space Invaders 2013. 

It is a strange coincidence that Space Invader Co-Organizer Gary Greenwood did a take on the same historical incident for artworks for the 2013 and 2014 editions of Space Invaders.

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